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Mozilla to let Firefox OS loose in mutiple IoT projects

In December of last year, Mozilla decided to abandon Firefox OS for mobile phones and as a business platform.

Now, the group has decided to use the technology behind the operating system to develop a number of projects that will focus on improving the Internet of Things and making IoT technology more available to consumers and businesses.

Mozilla is working on four projects: Project Link, Project Sensor Web, Project Smart Home, and Vaani. Each project will deal with a different application of IoT technology and will cover a wide range of ways to make our homes and devices smarter and more aware of our needs.

Project Link, which was originally called FoxLink, will serve as a personal assistant that will help users interact with the devices in their homes and will help simplify the process of home automation. It will be able to learn a user's preferences and will make it easier to control connected devices. Project Link will eventually be able to control all of the devices in a home with minimal user interaction.

Project Sensor Web aims to create a network of sensors that will be able to supply crowdsourced data that will be open and accessible to all. The project will function in a way that is similar to IBM's Watson but instead of being proprietary it will be open and contributors will be able to collaborate to set up the sensors which will collect data from the world around them. Mozilla will process the data and then present it to users so that they can benefit from it in their everyday lives.

Project Smart Home hopes to straddle the line between Apple's closed Homekit and the DIY solutions that users have been able to create with the Raspberry Pi. Mozilla hopes that its home automation solution will be simple enough that everyday users can understand but will offer more advanced users a bit more flexibility.

Vaani will be Mozilla's voice interface that developers will be able to add to either apps or hardware and it will allow users to interact in a more natural way with their devices. The project will start with being able to understand simple commands around the house such as “Dim the lights” or “What is the temperature in my home?”

Mozilla has not entirely abandoned Firefox OS and may still yet find a way to implement it to improve the lives of its users.

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