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Developers can now protect their Android apps throughout their lifecycle

Although mobile apps may be tested for security threats present at the time they're developed, they are of course subject to attacks once they’re out in the world.

Security solutions company SEWORKS is launching a new SaaS-based protection for Android called AppSolid, which will give development teams proactive protection and tracking of their apps across their entire lifespan.

AppSolid detects and logs details of tampering attempts and memory hacking, helping developers evaluate trends in security threats, including which hacking tools are being used against them most frequently - while also identifying weaknesses that need to be immediately addressed. In addition AppSolid provides developers with a kill-switch option, to shut down a potentially compromised app at the device level in the event of a breach.

"We spent many months developing and perfecting a seamless solution to protect Android apps used by billions everyday," says SEWORKS founder and CEO Min Pyo Hong. "We are proud to finally offer AppSolid to all Android developers, giving them everything they need to quickly and cost-effectively keep their mobile apps safe - especially after they’re published, when developers need full, immediate visibility on any hacking attempts".

According to SEWORKS' own research, 85 per cent of the top 200 apps on Google Play can be decompiled, making them extremely vulnerable to malicious hacking. AppSolid gives developers a powerful, cost-effective, easy to use solution to protect and track their apps, from development to publication and beyond. Because it's entirely cloud based, developers simply upload their APK file to AppSolid to instantly give it binary level obfuscation and encryption.

Android developers can now try AppSolid free for six weeks and an iOS version is in the pipeline.

Photo credit: Kirill__M / Shutterstock