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Dropbox now has 500 million users

Dropbox now has 500 million active users, the company confirmed in a blog post recently. This means the number of users has grown by a 100 million since the last time it checked, as it had 400 million in June last year.

But the most important secondary question is how many of these are actually paying for the service (using Dropbox Business), and how many are using the free option?

Dropbox's chief operating officer Dennis Woodside, failed to say, but did say that about 25,000 new businesses sign up in a typical quarter. He also said the adoption rate is accelerating.

“We are continuing the scaling of the business across both consumer and enterprise,” Woodside told FORBES in an interview.

It’s not just that people are using Dropbox – they’re collaborating via Dropbox, and that’s probably a more important information than the pure number of people participating.

Woodside said Dropbox has 3.3 billion sharing connections, up 51 per cent from a year ago. He also said 44 per cent of new users come through another user, meaning Dropbox is still expanding virally.

Announcing the good news in a blog post, Dropbox said that the last 100 million users have come all over the world, with Brazilians, Indians, Brits and Germans joining the Americans at the top of the list of new signups.

Among the new companies using Dropbox Business are the Swedish distiller The Absolut Company and Japanese advertising and PR agency Dentsu.