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Flash storage adoption steadily on the rise

Flash storage has a bright future ahead, IT decision makers from the UK, US and France agree. According to a new research by Kaminario and Vanson Bourne, the adoption of flash storage, such as solid-state drives, will increase as the performance of these devices improves, and the prices drop.

The research also shows that currently, less than 50 per cent of storage media is flash, suggesting that there is a lot of space for growth.

The research surveyed 400 IT decision makers in the three countries, in various industries including manufacturing, financial services and retail. For them, performance (71 per cent) was as important as a drop in pricing (72 per cent).

For the UK, the adoption of flash in data centres is below a third.

Looking at Europe, cost efficiency was a driving factor for the majority of businesses (73 per cent in France, and 72 per cent in the UK):

In the US, for 80 per cent of respondents, performance is more important than cost.

“Flash adoption is steadily on the rise, and it is increasingly more important that our customers understand the need to have a combination of high performance and low cost when choosing their storage solution,” said Mick Bradley, VP & general manager for EMEA at Kaminario.

“It is a positive indication to us that businesses in the UK especially are starting to look at both of these factors equally as we move towards predominately-flash data centres. Kaminario is well positioned to help these customers achieve their performance goals while keeping costs low.”