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Google has a new service, not called Google Posts

A new Google feature has been spotted in the wild, allowing 'special' people (celebrities, politicians, big brands, etc.) to communicate with their audiences directly through search engine results.

The company confirmed to The Verge that the new feature is currently in a beta testing phase and it does not yet have a name. Still, it can be accessed via, consequently having people call it Posts.

So, how does this new feature work? Well, it's kind of a replacement for the Google+ integration within search engine results. It shows a few cards on top of the results, that can be swiped, or expanded for more information like photos, directions and whatnot.

It is currently being advertised as a way for US presidential candidates to communicate directly with their audience because, well, people are apparently googling them a lot.

However, US presidential elections will come and go, but the service will stay and will be available to other 'prominent figures'.

On the dedicated webpage, Google says:

“Currently, this feature is an experiment that is only available to the 2016 US presidential candidates. In the future, we plan to make it available to other prominent figures and organizations. If you're interested, please join the waitlist.”

There are two elements that should also be considered: pricing, and Google+. The Verge says Plus stays ‘woefully’ out of the picture, as the company keeps trying to keep the web relevant in the age of the mobile app.

As for pricing, Google has no plans to charge for the service.