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Kaspersky launches IT Health Check to assess your cyber defences

Yesterday, Kaspersky Lab announced the launch of its IT Health Check tool. The online tool takes the form of a questionnaire, which Kaspersky designed to assess an organisation’s cyber security defences and help identify potential issues.

The purpose of the tool is to assist in raising awareness to the importance of adopting a multi-layered approach to cyber security. To that end, the questionnaire asks participants 15 questions regarding the current state of their current defenses. The participants remain anonymous but as they progress through the questionnaire, they are able to compare their responses to those of companies of a similar size.

Upon completing the audit, the participants are given an assessment of their current status but they also have the opportunity to compare their answers to those of other participants and are able to request a follow up assessment at a later date.

“With hundreds of thousands of new malicious files discovered each day, no business with an internet connection can afford to neglect their IT security,” said Kirill Slavin, general manager at Kaspersky Lab UK.

“And that means adopting a multi-layered approach to cyber security – including network security, endpoint security and specific solutions to protect against the variety of growing threats such as DDoS attacks and fraud. It also means enforcing strong cyber security policies such as access management, regularly patching software, as well as keeping staff vigilant and well-drilled on strong IT security hygiene.”

“To keep your business safe from the ever-growing threat of cyber crime and malware, it is of critical importance to regularly review your business’ IT security health. We hope that this tool encourages more businesses to do so.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Den Rise