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Microsoft's SQL Server 2016 available on Linux

Well, Microsoft yesterday announced that its new SQL Server 2016 will be available on Linux, and the world didn't end.

The SQL Server 2016, which will be launched at the Microsoft's Data Driven event in New York, will be available ‘later this year’ the company said in a blog post announcing the new product.

But its availability, as well as any and all new features it brings, have been overshadowed by the fact that Microsoft has made it available for Linux. “For years, Microsoft built walls between its products and the rest of the industry,” The New York Times starts its piece on the news. “Now it is tearing them down.”

“Until now, SQL Server was strictly a Windows product,” Tech Crunch also noticed.

But besides being available for Linux, the SQL Server 2016 also offers ‘groundbreaking’ security encryption capabilities, in-memory database support for every workload, advanced analytics, unique cloud capabilities and whatnot. The full list of new features can be found on this link.

“This is an enormously important decision for Microsoft, allowing it to offer its well-known and trusted database to an expanded set of customers”, said Al Gillen, group vice president, enterprise infrastructure, at IDC. “By taking this key product to Linux Microsoft is proving its commitment to being a cross platform solution provider. This gives customers choice and reduces the concerns for lock-in. We would expect this will also accelerate the overall adoption of SQL Server.”

It looks like Microsoft is after those users who’d willingly sacrifice SQL Server for a Linux machine.