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Polaris Office launches new cloud-based productivity suite

The Korean cloud office company Polaris Office today announced it’s expanding to the desktop, as it launches a new cloud-based productivity suite. The company has also said it will be launching in the U.S. as well.

Polaris says its product uses the strengths of Microsoft’s Office and Google Docs: “Polaris Office developed its next-generation, cloud-based productivity suite to combine the convenience of Google Docs with the deep functionality of Microsoft Office,” it says in in the press release. It is compatible with all the usual Office file extensions, can sync between different platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Web, Windows, etc.) and leverages existing cloud platforms like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

“The cloud has been transforming the way we work and communicate for the past decade, and the future of workplace collaboration now lies in flexible, cloud-based tools,” said Kwak Min-cheol, founder and CEO of Infraware, the parent company of Polaris Office. “Our cloud-based productivity suite is a disruptive solution that goes beyond the current offerings in the U.S., giving users a truly barrier-free, cost-effective option to access their favourite tools in one place. The U.S. office software marketplace has long needed a challenger that offers both powerful functionality and cloud flexibility, and we’re excited to be able to offer that.”

Up to three devices can get Polaris Office for free. The premium version is also available, with prices starting from $3.99 (£2.80) to $5.99/month (£4.20). The software can be downloaded on the Polaris Office website.