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White collar jobs are disappearing, too

The office is not dead yet, but it sure is heading that way. Those are the general results of a new study about the future of our jobs, commissioned by Unify, the Atos brand for communications services.

According to the report, entitled The Way We Work, many jobs we do today will not exist in five years' time, and many others will be completely transformed, thanks to new technologies and the rapid digitization of the office.

It says that 35 per cent of knowledge workers (those whose job is basically to think) in the US, UK and Germany believe their jobs will be nonexistent in the near future.

But perhaps even more interesting is the discovery of how impactful digital transformation is in the business world – the 'virtual' is the new reality now, in many ways.

Working teams are now mostly 'virtual' (spread across different offices and locations), helped by cloud and digital technology. More than half of knowledge workers (52 per cent) say they're working in virtual teams, with 42 per cent saying it has turned out to be a more effective way of doing things.

More than a third (36 per cent) have said creative thinking is the biggest benefit of working with people outside the traditional office environment.

“Today, knowledge workers have an unrivalled freedom in how they connect and engage with each other. This has been provided to them, by and large, through technology,” says Jon Pritchard, CEO at Unify. “The Way We Work Study shows the significant impact that technology, the trend of digital transformation and the on-demand economy is currently having on the workplace. It’s our belief that knowledge workers will increasingly want to define how, when and where they work. It’s up to businesses to enable this behaviour and manage further disruption and change.”