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Microsoft's updates Dynamics AX to run from the cloud

Microsoft is continuing to bolster its cloud services with the latest version of Dynamics AX. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will help give businesses an easy way to do a substantially greater amount of work in the cloud.

The latest update to the Dynamics ERP suite features a new streamlined design that makes the software easier to use. The software can now be run through a portal on any web browser which allows users to access it via their desktop, laptop, tablet or even their phone. An on-site version of Dynamics AX will be released eventually but for now Microsoft is encouraging its users to do their business in the cloud.

Dynamics AX is able to connect with Microsoft's Power Bi to perform data visualisation. Now users have the ability to easily check key business metrics and implement their own custom visualisations in order to understand their data.

Microsoft has also made it easier for users to understand and implement complex tasks with the inclusion of a new Task Guides feature. It is able to provide step by step instructions to help users make the most of Dynamics AX. Custom guides can also be created using Task Guides and can even be shared with others.

This latest release of Dynamics AX also aids users in implementing best practices. A Lifecycle Services feature is included with the update that lets companies test changes to their Dynamics instance right from within the cloud. They will be able to try new integrations and test them while only paying for the compute resources which they use. A dashboard will be available to show businesses the health of their Dynamics instance as well, as well as letting users know if their configurations fall under Microsoft's recommendations.

Once Microsoft releases its Azure Stack private cloud administration software, businesses will have the ability to turn their private servers into instances of Azure. This will allow applications to run locally the same way that they do in the cloud.

After the release of this software, Microsoft will launch a version of Dynamics AX that can be run on site.

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