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PayPal announces eight new partnerships in the UK

This morning, PayPal has announced it has partnered up with eight new companies to bring its PayPal Here SDK to the UK.

PayPal Here is a small business mobile payment system that allows payments on the go, through a free mobile app and a small card reader which plugs into a smartphone device.

Through the partnership, PayPal Here will be richer for a couple of new features, including inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, scheduling, reporting, as well as the ability for a more personalised customer experience.

The new partners are AirPOS (poin-of-sale software for UK's retailers and vendors), Autocab (cloud-based taxi booking systems provider), BookingBug (real-time booking solution), Vexilor (cloud-based POS), HikePOS (Hike's point of sale software), Ovatu (full POS solution), Powered Now (invoicing, estimation and scheduling app for SMBs), and Vend Register for iPad (POS app).

Cameron McLean, Managing Director, PayPal UK, said, “At PayPal, we’re always working to build better experiences that take the pain out of payments. For developers, integrating payments into their app can be complex and one of the last things they want to worry about. The PayPal Here SDK means we simply handle the payments work for you. By collaborating with the industry leaders in point-of-sale software, we are able to offer businesses of all sizes and in any sector a complete solution to ensure they never miss a sale.”

PayPal will showcase how the new integration will work with AirPOS, Givex and Vend during the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) 2016, taking place today and tomorrow at the Olympia Conference centre in London.