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AMD simplifies connecting an external graphics card

Today, AMD announced a new feature that will allow gamers to connect external graphics cards to their laptops much easier, in a fashion similar to how we use today's USB drives.

The new feature, called AMD XConnect, will come bundled with the latest drivers, the Radeon Software 16.2.2 drivers, available directly from

Through AMD XConnect, users will be able to use an external Radeon card on Windows 10, using both laptops and 2-in-1 hybrid systems. Going over Thunderbolt 3, it will allow users to connect or disconnect the card from the system at any time, similar to today's USBs.

AMD claims this is a first for external GPUs.

We asked an AMD representative which cards will be supported by the new technology – those are all Radeon R9 300 Series GPUs, as well as Radeon R9 290X, R9 290 and R9 285 GPUs.

Unfortunately, the FirePro is not supported at this time, and AMD didn't want to comment on any future hardware or software developments, leaving FirePro users completely in the dark.

Even though professional users will most likely recognize the benefits of having a powerful and easily connected graphics card, it's the gamers AMD is targeting with this one, saying those are the people that usually need to sacrifice either performance or weight, as current gaming laptops that pack a punch are usually quite heavy.