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Kaspersky Lab unveils Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky Lab, one of the fastest growing anti-virus software firms, has announced an update to its Internet Security for Android package to enable control via an Android Wear smartwatch.

The way that Kaspersky envisages this working is that a user’s smartwatch will display notifications from Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, which will be installed on the users paired smartphone or tablet.

The advantage of this is that, for example, notifications about a threat detected on the smartphone or tablet will be automatically relayed to the user’s smartwatch to alert the use of the issue. A user can then remotely issue commands to the mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or tablet via their smartwatch by pressing keys on the screen or alternatively by using voice control.

Furthermore, the ability to send remote command/response communications from the watch to the paired mobile device means that some commands sent by the user can also activate an audible alarm to find a lost phone, run a scan for Android malware or update anti-virus databases.

The new version of the security solution is now compatible with Android 6.0, which makes it compatible with all the latest Android Smartphones.

Alexey Chikov, Product Manager at Kaspersky Lab said: "Statistics show that Android continues to be the second most attacked platform after Microsoft Windows, which is why owners of Android-based devices are strongly recommended to use security solutions.

"At the same time, the Internet of Things market is rapidly developing, attracting more and more users. This means that security solution vendors need to make it possible for customers to use the IoT in combination with their protection solutions."

Photo credit: Kirill__M / Shutterstock