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Marketers are now making IT purchase decisions, study reveals

Marketers have become more tech-savvy than IT managers, especially when it comes to new technologies needed for business, a new report by digital transformation business Squiz reveals.

The company said that 66 per cent of people across the board would rather have marketing managers purchase new marketing software.

Among the two professions, 45 per cent believe this decision should be given to the IT manager.

Looking at the type of technologies marketing invests in most, automation is topping the list with a 92 per cent increase in the past year. Moreover, 83 per cent of marketing respondents claim they're using a CMS (content management system), 77 per cent use an analytics platform, and 62 per cent are using 'some form' of CRM (customer relationship management) platform.

Platform and channel integration is another part of the IT manager's job that has been taken over by the marketing manager, with 19 per cent of them reported doing this part, as well. On the other hand, 53 per cent of those questioned are struggling to understand the new business focus, and some pay little attention to maintaining new technologies after purchase, leading to confusion and poor ROI.

“Marketing and IT Managers are beginning to understand the importance of integrated systems. Whilst there has been the tendency in the past for marketers to acquire the latest and greatest technologies without much thought for how it will sync up with other platforms, this is changing,“ said Stephen Morgan, co-founder of Squiz.

“The fact that over half of Marketers now describe their relationship with IT as ‘collaborative’ exemplifies how they are determined to work together with their tech counterparts to build and implement integrated platforms that serve the customer best.”