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Seagate shows off the world's fastest SSD

It is becoming a cliché, but the best upgrade you can make is moving from a mechanical HDD to an SSD. In 2016, however, all solid state drives are not created equal.

While it used to be that having any SSD was awesome, this is simply not the case anymore. As higher capacities become less expensive, and interfaces become speedier, that SATA SSD you bought a few years ago may not be so great anymore.

Case in point, Seagate has shown off what it claims is the fastest SSD ever. How fast is it, you ask? 10 gigabytes per second! Yes, that is gigabytes, folks, and not gigabits. It utilises a 16-lane NVMe PCIe interface. Oh. My. Gosh.

"The 10GB/s unit, which is expected to be released this summer, is more than 4GB/s faster than the previous fastest-industry SSD on the market. It also meets the OCP storage specifications being driven by Facebook, which will help reduce the power and cost burdens traditionally associated with operating at this level of performance", says Seagate.

The company further explains, "in addition to the 10GB/s SSD technology, which accommodates 16-lane PCIe slots, Seagate is finalising a second unit for eight-lane PCIe slots, which still performs at the industry-leading throughput of 6.7GB/s, and is the fastest in the eight-lane card category. The eight-lane solution will provide an alternative for organisations looking for the highest levels of throughput speed but in environments limited by power usage requirements or cost".

While I normally look forward to the summer for the warm weather, going to the beach, and swimming in the pool, none of those things matter anymore. No, the real reason I await the hot season is this SSD. While Seagate has not shared price or capacities, it will most likely be very expensive.

Photo credit: Sashkin / Shutterstock