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2016 boom predicted for the connected cars market

Statista’s Digital Market Outlook has forecast that during the next few years, smartphones will become a hands-free control for our car’s infotainment systems.

To date, the industry of autonomous cars and smartphones is still in the evolutionary phase. For example, this year there will be approximately 1.8 million connected cars in the United Kingdom, but according to the DMO this will rise to nearly 8.6 million intelligent case by 2020. However, it would appear that the number of connected HGV’s will rise considerably over the next 12 months.

The main impact of the enormous growth of the market comes from the rapid development of new features and possibilities. The biggest segment however, is not the Infotainment but the security and driving assistance, a market which is currently being dominated by China.

The revenue of the safety and supporting upgrades of connected cars in China will hit $4.7 billion this year. Google and Apple have already announced their cooperation with VW – as of the beginning of 2016 almost every Volkswagen vehicle is compatible (for a little extra charge) with a smartphone. This enables feature such as a locking mechanism controlled through the phone or allowing the user to check how much gasoline is left in the tank.

Statista, which revealed a revenue growth of over 40 per cent on the UK market alone, has also produced financial figures that visualise the huge potential for the software provider.

Statista claims that the global market leader in 2016 will be America with a revenue of $8.3 billion, closely followed by China with around $8.1 billion. Japan will be in third place with $3.8 billion and Germany in 4th with $3.1 billion.

Image source: Shutterstock/a-image