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Adobe's emergency patch fixes critical Flash vulnerabilities

Adobe Flash has, for the most part, been replaced by HTML5. However for those users who are still using the software, the company has just issued an emergency patch to fix critical security vulnerabilities.

The security update was released on 10 March and Adobe has released a Security Bulletin noting what vulnerabilities have been addressed as well as the versions of the software and operating systems that could be affected if the update is not installed. The update patches versions of the company's Flash Player software on Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android.

The reason behind the emergency patch was due to the critical nature of the vulnerabilities found that could allow a potential attacker access to a users system and take control of it. An exploit for CVE-2016-1010 has been used in limited targeted attacks against some users of Adobe Flash.

Flash has a long history of vulnerabilities and the corresponding security fixes. Attackers have often used its software as a means of installing malware and exploit kits or gaining access to users' systems. As a result of this, many companies including Google and Apple have been pushing for an end to Flash and have adopted HTML5 to perform the same functions that Adobe's software did for so long. However, some consumers and businesses have been reluctant to fully make the switch to a proper Flash alternative and this has left them at a disadvantage when it comes to properly security their systems and networks.

If you or your company are still using Adobe Flash, consider opting for a different solution for your system. If this is currently not possible make sure that you keep the software up to date and keep an eye out for future updates as they could save both your system and your sensitive personal data.

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Anthony Spadafora
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