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Cloud adoption is no longer CIO's exclusive task

The adoption of Cloud technology within UK’s businesses is no longer exclusively CIO’s task, a new study by Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) suggests.

According to CIF’s White Paper, besides the head of IT, who will make the final call in any decision, a range of stakeholders are now also actively involved in the decision-making process.

Those stakeholders include CEOs, MDs, as well as CFOs.

In 94 per cent of cases, the CIO is actively involved in the process, and in more than half (54 per cent) will have the last word.

The results have been published in the White Paper looking into the levels of Cloud adoption in the UK, and it’s based on market research done last year, when 250 senior IT and businesspeople were polled.

“These figures suggest that CEOs and department heads are now taking an active role in IT procurement decisions. This can come as no shock as the move to Cloud is invariably a business driven decision and one that, in some cases, involves additional investment to support Cloud-based applications,” stated Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF.

“A significant proportion (69 per cent) of Cloud users report that they were required to make additional investments to complete their migrations. Just over half – at 54 per cent – made additional investment in hardware and 47 per cent in software. That said, 64 per cent of those asked stated that they were satisfied with their chosen method for migrating, with only 5 per cent stating they were unsatisfied."