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London is everyone's favourite tech city

London is seen as one of the top three technology hubs in the world, next to New York and San Francisco. Those are the results of a new poll carried out by YouGov, on behalf of London & Partners, the Mayor of London's promotional company.

According to the survey, which polled more than 800 international tech professionals around the world, they would rather move to London than Berlin or Paris.

London is seen as a hit destination for mobile technology workers because of its good international travel connections, cultural diversity and a creative environment.
The survey also says London has the most highly skilled talent in the world, with a 16 per cent increase in the past three years. That has helped the city attract even more workers, more than any other global rival, including Sydney, Hong Kong or New York.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson MP said: “London is a technology powerhouse. With our competitive business environment and an unrivalled range of culture, arts and entertainment, we are able to attract some of the very best creative and entrepreneurial minds on the planet. Since the creation of the Tech City project six years ago, London has emerged as Europe’s fastest growing technology hub while cementing our status as a world-class destination to live and work.”

Besides being a top destination for mobile workers, London is also seen as the number one spot for all businesses looking to open an office in Europe. The report uses Google's, Facebook's and Skype's new offices as proof.

London aside, New York and San Francisco have remained the two most desireable global tech destinations.