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OpenStack continues to grow despite cost and security issues

With continuing demand for private and hybrid clouds, OpenStack remains one of the most popular solutions to implement them.

Cloud management company Talligent has released the results of its first State of OpenStack Report, an independent survey focused on identifying the key use cases, barriers and drivers for OpenStack adoption.

Based on a survey of almost 650 virtualisation and cloud IT professionals and executives from around the world, the results show that the top drivers for OpenStack adoption include respondent’s perception that public cloud costs are still too high (61 per cent) and that there is a desire for OpenStack clouds to improve responsiveness for IT service delivery (59 per cent).

The most frequently identified challenges to OpenStack adoption are its security model (26 per cent) and lack of operational tools (23 per cent). Private clouds remain a popular choice and won't be replaced by public clouds anytime soon. The results show that 54 per cent of respondents still expect their cloud use to be all or mostly private within the next five years. A further 14 per cent expect to use a balanced mix of private and public cloud over that same period.

"These survey findings are another positive indication that OpenStack is continuing to grow as a preferred method of building private and hybrid clouds for businesses of all sizes," says Sanjay Mishra, founder and CEO of Talligent. "With the lack of operational tools and the issue of managing the cost structure being cited as two of the top challenges facing OpenStack adoption, we are excited that Talligent’s Openbook is uniquely positioned to address the needs of cloud subscribers with an easy to deploy solution that provides clear visibility of cloud costs, assigned and consumed resources, and utilisation".

You can get more detail in the full report which is available to download from the Talligent site.

Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock