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How to streamline your start-up

Starting a business is always an uphill battle. With the burden of success being all on your shoulders, it is up to you to effectively manage every area of your start-up in order for it to grow.

With so much competition in marketplaces, it can be daunting task for any new business wanting to establish itself. This highlights just how important it is for new businesses to run smoothly and efficiently in order to give them the best chances for success.

Any new company should be using all constructive resources available to them. For many start-ups and small businesses, technology could provide the key to smoother and cheaper operations. Streamlining your business with the use of technology could be the defining advantage you need in order to thrive and get your business running as well as you hope it to.

The Cloud

The business world has been revolutionised by digital technology. As it is something that is constantly evolving, the latest advancements can be used by even the smallest of businesses. Arguably the most helpful advancement is that of cloud computing.

A cost effective approach to managing your employee’s and business, the cloud is a great way to modernise your company. All stored in one highly secure place, the ease of access offered by cloud computing ensures your team can utilise and update data from anywhere. Replacing paperwork, files and physical storage, cloud-based services offer an easy to maintain process. You can take advantage of a virtual desktop to save you huge amounts of time and costs. This centralisation offers a complete solution when it comes to your work operation in regards to software updates, data security and document control.

By implementing cloud computing into your start up, it effectively enables your start-up to meet growing demands of your improving business.

Customer Portals

If its relevant to your business, utilising customer portals, where possible, is a great way to manage customer accounts. A more personal approach, they create an interactive experience for customers, removing a large amount of tasks for your team. When you use this interactive web method, it allows customers to receive answers to questions, convey issues and complete transactions.

This process makes customers feel more included and valued. The open line of communication and self-service options are proven to boost customers experience and confidence rates. It also offers the opportunity for more areas to educated your consumers about your brand through content marketing inside of the portals. If they feel valued, then they will be more inclined to trust you and purchases more of your products or services.

VoIP Integration

Running a start-up means that you will always be on the go. Travelling about to various locations and attending meetings is part and parcel of developing your business. The use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make low cost telephone calls over the internet to anywhere in the world. A cost effect solution, it allows you to communicate with consumers that are a little further a field. Integrating VoIP works out cheaper, more flexible and it is easier to fix as apposed to traditional wired phoning solutions.

Online Invoicing

Relevant to new businesses and established businesses alike, streaming your invoicing procedures will improve your cash flow and minimise financial issues. Aside from the moral influence, most businesses will be in the market to improve their cash flow so it is beneficial that a business has the most effective way to manage it. There are a number of affordable small business accounting software options available which will all helpfully streamline the process.

Software removes human error factors, it records transactions, makes filing taxes easier and basically, it does the sums for you in order to help you keep your books more accurately. By having everything in an easy to access and organised area, it allows you to rejuvenate your accounting process to manage your business in a more efficient way.


The daily running of a business can be tough however, by taking advantage of tech you can turn your workplace into a smooth running operation. Save yourself time and money by implementing these methods that will help successfully streamline your start-up.

Image source: Shutterstock/Gajus