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Amazon Web Services celebrates its 10th birthday

On March 11, 2016, Amazon Web Services celebrated its tenth birthday.

By no means is this a small feat, and especially knowing that this service, or at least that which later transformed into Amazon Web Services, fundamentally changed the way we look at computing.

This is especially true for businesses.

Ten year ago, on March 11 2006, Amazon kickstarted a project known as Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) – a service which basically rented storage space. Soon after that, it expanded with renting complete servers, followed by renting various apps on those servers.

And thus, the Amazon Web Services was born – a service to change how we perceive digital business.

Before cloud computing, businesses spent a bigger portion of their budgets (and this relates particularly to start-ups and tech start-ups) on servers and storage. By renting out servers which could be used by multiple businesses simultaneously, cost dropped through the floor. CTO Werner Vogels has written a blog post, reflecting on the first decade of Amazon’s cloud business and all the lessons that have been learned in the process.

He said that no matter how good your disks are, failures will happen, and it’s only a matter of how you handle the situation.

“Systems need to keep running even if the “house is on fire.” It is important to be able to manage pieces that are impacted without the need to take the overall system down. We’ve developed the fundamental skill of managing the “blast radius” of a failure occurrence such that the overall health of the system can be maintained,” he wrote.

With its cloud service, Amazon has truly reshaped the business world. Happy birthday!