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Huawei unveils first ever 32-socket x86 mission critical server

Cebit saw the launch of what it calls the first 32-socket x86 mission critical server, the KunLun. SGI, which was mentioned in the official presentation, does have a solution that extends to 64-sockets but doesn't offer the breath of features essential for mission critical applications.

The server, which is named after China’s “mother” mountain, targets legacy RISC solutions from the likes of IBM and HP by promising superior performance on a number of industry-standard benchmarks with a much lower total cost of ownership (half that of IBM’s Power 780 and around a third less than HP’s Superdome 2.

KunLun 9032 is the flagship model with up to 32 CPUs (24 CPUs in non-full configuration), allowing for up to 576 cores when paired with 18-core members of the Intel’s Xeon E7-8800 v3 family of processors.

Paired with that is the ability to house up to 32TB DDR4 memory using 64GB DIMM memory modules, spread across 768 memory slots, allowing for in-memory use scenarios (in-memory computing, OLTP).

Other features include Huawei’s own proprietary Node Controller interconnection chipset, an optional noise-reduction door that includes an 8-inch touch management LCD as well as RAS 2.0 technology with hot-swappable CPU and memory modules.

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