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IT firms in the UK are paying for staff certifications

Businesses in the UK seem to be addressing the lack of skilled IT workers problem by investing in their current workforce, paying for their training and certification exams.

According to a new survey done by international computer-based testing company Pearson VUE, 58 per cent, out of 738 British IT exam candidates have had their training paid for by employers, and 57 per cent have had their certification exams paid, as well.

Employees are, consequently, reaping the benefits – 64 per cent said the investment has had a positive impact on their professional profile.

Matthew Poyiadgi, vice president EMEA at Pearson VUE, said: "Our research shows that British IT employers recognise the value of their staff gaining further qualifications as a boost to their careers, because this benefits the employer as well in terms of productivity and efficiency.

“Many are immediately reaping the rewards of training and certification, so in that context it is understandable that over 90 percent intend obtaining an additional certification in the next year. In a globalised economy, the days of simply completing a degree and then pursuing a linear career are over. In order to stay relevant and professionally attractive to employers, it is now considered vital for staff to re-train throughout their careers and embark on regular role-relevant training and assessment."

The survey results are a part of a much larger, global survey that looked at 27,000 IT exam candidates, in 180 countries all around the world.