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Oracle and Google ready themselves for May court battle

Oracle will go head to head once more with Google in their long running copyright feud over Android’s use of Java. Oracle is hoping to convince a jury to have Google pay them billions of dollars in damages.

Google on the other hand is hoping that the jury can be convinced that java was open source and they used it within the license agreements of fair use. If Google succeeds then it will not have to pay Oracle anything.

Oracle has however split its case into three components; a trial to determine copyright infringement, another trial to determine infringements on patents and a third trial to determine damages. Last year Oracle was successful at appeal in overturning an earlier judge’s decision in favour of Google. Interestingly, because the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, Google could not appeal and the appellate ruling stood in Oracle’s favour.

Now, Oracle is looking to convince a jury that Google had no right to use Java code for free, and if the jury should agree, then it will have to decide how much Google should pay. This is why Oracle is desperate to have Google’s Android finances discussed in open court, so that the jury can visualise the vast profits Oracle claims Google has reaped from Android – and the java code.

Google of course will not let that happen without an almighty struggle and is petitioning the court to keep its confidential business finances private. Oracle, however. has to find some way to convince the jury as its original claim against Google was for $6 billion, which a judge ruled as ridiculous.

However, Oracle feel Google may have made as much as $31 Billion with $22 Billion of that in profit, so don’t feel it’s ridiculous. Therefore, come May there will be a lot to play for once the trial gets underway.

Image source: Shutterstock/sergign