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32'' e-paper development kit introduced

Visionect and E Ink have today announced a new, 32’’ e-paper development kit, allowing developers to build e-paper solutions 25 times the size of an eReader.

According to a press release following the announcement, the new e-paper supports turnkey solutions, allowing rapid prototyping of new digital signage products.

The kit is available in both grayscale (16 level grayscale with a 2560 x 1440 pixels) and colour (RGBW colour schemes with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels) displays, the company added.

E Ink will bring its largest, single module e-paper display, while Visionect will bring its software and hardware platforms into the mix.

“The demand for e-paper based signage solutions is growing at a rapid rate. The demand is created by the need for low power solutions that are easily deployed where they are needed, without the need to build out costly infrastructure,” commented Matej Zalar, CEO of Visionect.

“With the latest addition to our family of kit development products, we are able to support design requirements from small to large digital displays with turnkey solutions that greatly simplify the end product design.”

“Epaper is increasingly emerging as the technology of choice for smart interconnected signage,” said Harit Doshi, head of the Signage Business Unit for E Ink. “The new kit supporting our 32” epaper displays will expand the application of signage solutions to many new areas, particularly to areas requiring extra adaptability such as energy consumption or outdoor readability.”

The grayscale version’s price is $5,000 (£3,520), while the colour one will cost $6,000 (£4,230).