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Accenture selected to manage Met's apps

Management consulting services company Accenture has been selected to manage applications for the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the company announced on Monday.

The deal, reportedly worth £86 million, has been signed for the period of five years, with a possible one-year extension. Approximately 60 new technology jobs will be created in Newcastle, Accenture said in a press release.

Accenture will help Met ‘increase its use of digital technologies’, including both mobile and analytics. It will help MPS manage its core information technology applications, and will assist in the ‘enhancing’ of core applications and ‘rationalising app portfolio’.

“As part of our integrated multi-supplier delivery model, Accenture will help us to move to a more-modern, flexible IT environment, enabling us to reduce costs and improve the technology available to help our officers serve the public,” said Chris Naylor, Digital Policing lead at the Metropolitan Police Service.

“Accenture has strong industry experience and recognizes the importance of collaboration and cross-supplier integration to help deliver next-generation police services. We look forward to working closely with Accenture in managing our applications and introducing new, innovative solutions.”

Allan Fairley, managing director of Accenture’s Public Safety business in the United Kingdom, said, “Our team looks forward to working with MPS to deliver technology transformation and to assisting the force achieve its vision for digital policing in London in the years ahead.”

Photo Credit: Dutourdumonde Photography/Shutterstock