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Businesses are rushing to transform their IT

Businesses want to improve their IT service strategy, and are looking to build IT like a customer-focused business. Those are the results of a new and extensive analysis, jointly released by EMC Corporation and VMware.

The duo analysed more than 660 businesses all over the world, as they transform their IT, and here are the key highlights:

  • Nine out of ten businesses are testing or evaluating a hybrid cloud solution
  • Eight out of ten are looking to standardise services in a business-focused catalogue, with a self-service portal
  • Automation is the way to improve IT service delivery for 77 per cent of respondents
  • Nine out of ten believe having a documented IT transformation strategy is very important, yet 55 per cent have put nothing on paper
  • For the majority of companies, reducing software development release cycle by 75 to 90 per cent is a priority (for 70 per cent, it currently takes between 6 and 12 months).

“The State of IT Transformation report shows that organizations in a variety of global, vertical industries can benefit from the implementation of a robust IT service strategy, powered by software-defined technologies,” said Loretta Brown, vice president of Federation at VMware.

“Together, with EMC, our mutual customers can achieve IT transformation by easily extending their private cloud workloads to and from the public cloud, while managing, securing and connecting all of their applications across all clouds and all devices.”