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Jive kicks off Jiveworld 2016 with its vision for the future of collaboration

Jive Software today unveiled its vision for the future of collaboration at JiveWorld 2016 in Las Vegas, previewing what it calls the 'Internet of People.'

Updates to Jive's intranet and customer community solutions were announced, all focused on creating connections within companies, from colleagues across a company to individual teams and to external stakeholders like customers and partners.

"The market has come to know Jive for powering innovative solutions that deliver clear value,” said Elisa Steele, chief executive officer at Jive Software. “The next evolution of our core products, powered by the Jive WorkHub, provides a unique identity for any individual to participate in what we see as the ‘Internet of People’. We can do this by uniting people, information, systems and things inside and outside of organisations in a way never before possible."

This so-called 'Internet of People' connects people, devices, data, systems and apps, bringing them all together to deliver a quality customer and employee experience. New platforms such as Jive WorkHub and Identity Service set the stage for the IoP, boosted by features such as a new events centre, social listening integration and a private support centre.

CEO Elisa Steele also outlined the need to be "contextually aware of how people are getting their work done" and breaking down silos withing companies by following three key rules:

  • Embracing diverse workstyles
  • Engaging with customers on their terms
  • Empowering and engaging employees

I'll be making a nuisance of myself at JiveWorld 2016 over the next two days, so follow the live blog for all the updates and keep an eye out for more news on how Jive is aiming to improve business collaboration.