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Microsoft adds Touch ID support to Outlook for iOS

While both Android and iOS are solid and mature mobile operating systems, Apple's offering seems to get more developer support.

Even though Google's OS reigns supreme from a market share perspective, iOS generates the most profit. Not to mention, Apple's products don't really deal with the fragmentation issues that Android does.

Microsoft doesn't discriminate between the two, offering many apps for both platforms. One of its most popular apps is Outlook. The email client works brilliantly, but on iOS, it is gaining a new trick - Touch ID support. Yes, you can now protect your email on iPhone and iPad with biometrics.

Microsoft says the following.

"You can now protect your inbox with Touch ID and get the privacy you deserve. Keep your messages away from prying eyes by requiring your fingerprint or device passcode in order to access your Outlook account. To enable Touch ID, take a look at the app Settings under Preferences. (iOS 9 users) Your inbox -- and dare we say it, the world -- is now at your fingertips."

I know what you are thinking - if the device itself is protected by Touch ID, why do individual apps need protection? The answer is, they don't - if you never share your phone. For those that unlock their phones and hand it to friends and family, protecting apps makes sense. Do you really want your child to send an embarrassing email when you think he or she is only playing a game?

Even if you are like me and never let anyone touch or use your precious devices, having the option is a good thing. Even if you never use it, it can't hurt to have it. Sadly, this is another example of Microsoft users on iOS having a better experience than those on Windows Phone.

You can download the app for iOS here..

Image Credit: NREY/Shutterstock