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Symantec wants all websites encrypted

Symantec today announced the global release of a new product which will help companies encrypt user data on their websites.

The new product is called Encryption Everywhere, and it will be offered through hosting providers. According to a press release following the announcement, there will be a couple of levels of encryption and general protection the new service will offer, but Symantec would love to see every 'legitimate' website in the world have at least the basic level of encryption by 2018.

The security firm says there are a couple of reasons why webmasters should encrypt the data on their sites: first, it will help protect their customer data, which should be enough in its own right. But besides keeping the business safe, it will also do good for the company brand. Also, Symantec says Google and 'other browsers' have announced they'll push unencrypted websites down in search ranking results.

“There are almost a billion web sites today, yet only about 3% of those sites are encrypted, which means cybercriminals have been able to make a good living off of the web’s lack of security,” said Roxane Divol, senior vice president and general manager, Website Security, Symantec. “Symantec is about to change the game for cybersecurity with Encryption Everywhere. It’s time to secure every legitimate website and win back security on the internet for every business and consumer. That’s why Symantec is making it easy to secure any website from the very moment it is registered or renewed, starting with free, basic encryption all the way through to complete website security solutions.”

Encryption Everywhere will be demonstrated during the World Hosting Days conference in Rust, Germany March 15-18.