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UK's retailers better than Germany and France in social media

When it comes to retailers and social media, the US takes the crown, but the UK is not far behind. Looking solely at Europe, UK’s retailers are doing much better than their counterparts in France and Germany.

Those are the results of a new survey by global social commerce network Pepper. IT has analysed the state of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+) for the top 30 retailers in France, UK, Germany and the US.

Looking solely at retailers, it’s the fashion ones that are doing best. Thirty leading retailers in the US have an average of 13.2 million social media followers/fans, followed by the UK (5.47m), Germany (2.74m) and France (2.6m).

Pepper also says that having a bunch of followers doesn’t mean you’re a social media success. The research suggests that the top 30 retailers generate less than 3 per cent of their traffic on social media (US is at 3.5 per cent, UK at 2.5 per cent, Germany at 2.28 per cent and France at 1.49 per cent).

The most popular retailers are: H&M (45.46 million), Zara (34.7m), Topshop (14.37m), Asos (11.76m), Marks and Spencer (5.48m), New Look (4.56m).

From non-fashion retailers, Groupon (15.38m), Amazon (7.22m), Etsy (4.63m) and Tesco (2.57m) stood out.

Pepper says this study confirms an earlier one done by the Pew Research Centre, which had shown that 66 per cent of Britain’s internet users use social media networks, followed by France (57 per cent), and Germany (50 per cent).

The US is once again the dominating force here, with 71 per cent of users.