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Vodafone entering the cyber-security game

Vodafone announced today it is entering the world of cyber-security with a new global line of business.

The new offering will go by the name Vodafone Enterprise Security Services (VESS), and will be led by Chief Executive Simon Church (previously the CEO of NTT Com Security).

In a press release following the announcement, Vodafone said the new services will include cloud-based protection for applications critical to business, management of network perimeters, detecting and responding to threats and assessment of security. It will also offer advisory services, focused on customer security policy development, as well as risk management and compliance processes.

Vodafone Group Enterprise chief executive Nick Jeffery said: "Our customers know they face a wide range of cyber threats, many of which could materially impact their operations and brand. We know they're looking for trusted partners with the right expertise to stand with them and help them secure their operations from end to end. Vodafone Enterprise Security Services is designed to meet that important need. Under the experienced leadership of Simon Church, VESS will be completely focused on helping our customers protect their businesses in an unpredictable world."

The company said the new services come as a result of cyber security becoming one of the biggest areas of concern for business. Also, it wanted to be a part of a market with an estimate worth of $75.4 billion (£53.2bn).

It also said it will work with a couple of ‘strategic security partners’, including BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, helping them to develop and place new products and services.