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SIEM is expensive for 69 per cent of companies

Security information and event management (SIEM) systems are placing extra weight on companies’ budgets, a new study suggests.

According to IT auditing software company Netwrix Corporation, 69 per cent of companies are looking to reduce SIEM bills.

Its survey, entitled The 2016 SIEM Efficiency Survey, studied the opinions of 234 large enterprises using SIEM solutions for security and IT infrastructure monitoring.

The results show that SIEMs are quite expensive, mostly when it comes to maintenance and support. Looking at what drives the cost of SIEM ownership up, the need to hire and train more SIEM analysts scored highest (4.8).

“In the past few years, SIEM solutions have become a cornerstone of organizations’ security policies. Although SIEM solutions are widely used in the enterprise sector, the study shows that companies are not completely satisfied with the high costs and level of visibility provided by SIEM,” said Alex Vovk, CEO and Co-Founder of Netwrix.

“The tendency we see today is that most companies are not ready to put up with considerable expenses and limitations. The companies are looking for ways to solve this problem and finally understand what is going on in their IT infrastructures. IT auditing can become a perfect solution to overcome these drawbacks and provide complete visibility, while decreasing IT costs.”

The survey also says SIEM is necessary for better security threat awareness, that excessive data could be worse than the lack of data and that reports on data are sometimes too difficult to understand.

The full survey can be found on this link.