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Why are UK Retailers missing out on page abandonment opportunities?

According to a report released by Bronto Software into revenue rescue strategies at over 100 major UK retailers, 93 per cent of UK retailers have no form of browser abandonment strategy in place.

Furthermore, the Bronto Software report also highlighted that 75 per cent of the companies that did follow up an abandoned product page did so by emails but didn’t make any reference to the browsed item directly, with some using generic subject lines such as ‘Are you still interested in this product?’

In addition, it seems that only 17 per cent of the emails offered potential customers other alternatives such as related products in other price categories. This is in stark contrast to 50 per cent of messages sent by US retailers.

Also, about only a third (33 per cent) of retailers offered some form of savings or discount as an incentive to make the purchase. This is a key area where UK retailers need to engage with their customers and provide an incentive to gain a boost to sales. This is an important strategy as it is becoming clear that retailers can no longer rely on traditional season changes to drive sales.

Georges Berzgal, managing director of Bronto Software Europe, commented: “Shoppers have come to expect shopping basket reminders from UK retailers, but product page abandonment messages are clearly still a lesser-used strategy. One reason might be that retailers are hesitant as they consider this approach as too aggressive.

"It also can be challenging for retailers to know why a shopper left a product page. If implemented correctly, post abandonment messages offer a highly effective means to generate additional revenue”.

Image source: Shutterstock/Maxx-Studio