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IT choosing between productivity and security

Despite the inherent insecurities of the cybersecurity industry, a new report from Barkly, an endpoint security company, reveals that the biggest issue IT security teams have to face with current security solutions is that they slow down the system.

When asked about the options of productivity vs security and the potential downfalls of security solutions, 41 per cent of respondents said that they were dissatisfied with their current solution, not because it failed to deliver security but because it slows down their system.

If security products are slowing systems and by extension lowering productivity, then IT pros should consider whether or not their colleagues are taking insecure shortcuts to improve efficiency, such as using unauthorised third-party apps or connecting unsanctioned devices to the network.

In addition to this system lag, as communications pass through firewalls and routers that slow down data transfer, IT professionals are also having to deal with too many updates (36 per cent) and systems that are too expensive (33 per cent) and provide no protection against zero-day attacks (33 per cent).

However, it seems that the C-level is more worried about insider threats; "This report proves that from the CISO to the entry-level IT pro, organisations must be better aligned when it comes to security. When there's a disconnect in priorities, level of understanding and measurement, even a seemingly strong security initiative is destined to fail," said Jack Danahy, co-founder and CTO of Barkly.

"Once teams understand each other's priorities and concerns around security, they can implement the tools they really need, that will best protect their endpoints from ever-increasing, complex threats."

Photo credit: allepu / Shutterstock