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Vodafone and Philips Lighting team up to offer smart city lights

British telecommunications company Vodafone, and lighting company Philips Lighting, a Royal Philips firm, announced a new agreement to work together on smart street lighting systems.

Under the agreement, the two companies will produce smart city lighting which will allow city authorities to implement wirelessly connected devices, saving energy and making maintenance a breeze.

Philips Lighting will bring its CityTouch treet lighting management system, while Vodafone will bring its machine-to-machine (M2M) network into the fold. The duo said every lamp will have a Vodafone M2M SIM card, which the authorities can monitor to check for performance and identify any faults.

Vodafone M2M Director, Erik Brenneis, said: “Lighting plays a key role in the smart city. Our agreement with Philips will see this technology transforming cities across the world backed by Vodafone's world-leading innovation, technologies and networks.”

Bill Bien, SVP, Head of Strategy and Marketing, at Philips Lighting added: “Just less than 12% of the world’s street lights are LED and less than 2% are connected. We are at the start of a new era which will see highly energy efficient connected street lighting become the backbone of most smart cities. Robust, reliable wireless connectivity will help make this happen, linking streetlights with sensors, devices and management systems. By partnering with Vodafone we can work together to take light beyond illumination, helping to make cities more energy efficient, safer and ultimately more liveable.”