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Businesses can't differentiate between data and clutter

Businesses are aware that there’s a vast, untapped potential in Big Data, however new survey suggests that they might be approaching the whole problem in a wrong way.

A survey by information management experts Crown Records Management asked IT decision makers in UKI businesses with more than 200 employees on how they gather, organise and use data.

As it turns out, three quarters can’t recognize the difference between actual data and just clutter.

Crown Records Management calls these findings ‘alarming’.

It says that more than half (55 per cent) don’t have a policy for email data retention set up, and 58 per cent do not audit their paper-based data regularly. On top of that, they don’t destroy data no longer necessary for the company. Nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) don’t review data, stored both locally and in cloud, and 64 per cent don’t filter cloud data.

Mike Dunleavy, Head of Customer Development & Experience, Crown Records Management, said: “These results suggest businesses still aren’t wising up to the importance of basic common-or-garden records management principle despite the high level of publicity for breaches at the likes of TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse.

“In 2016, businesses should know exactly what data they have and where it is. They’ll certainly need a retention policy in place to determine what information to keep or destroy.

“In fact, data retention policies are going to be more important than ever because holding on to unnecessary data could end up costing a lot of money in the long-term.”