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Oracle to rise to the challenge of AWS and Azure?

Oracle came out today with some ambiguous statements regards its future plans. CEO Safra Catz made some interesting but confusing statement to the press after she revealed the company's latest quarter financial reports.

Safra Catz suggested some major changes were in the plans that almost sounded like a major re-organisation, but it wasn't. Instead, with closer investigation it became clear that Safra Catz instead insinuated that, even though Oracle had been going through an operational transformation, it's also considering a transformation with its business plan.

The problem that industry analysts see is that Oracle's problem is this: While it is seeing strong growth in its new operations such as SaaS cloud applications, the problem is that traditional demand is fading away from its major stronghold of SQL database, middleware, and even its hardware businesses. This is due to Oracle's traditional customer base, large enterprises moving their workloads out of corporate data centers and into the cloud.

Oracle is trying to follow infrastructure vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure into the cloud domain despite a very slow start. Business analysts suspect that the changes Oracle plan will make it easier for everyone to sign up to use Oracle's cloud, without having to go through an Oracle sales rep through a new program called the "Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience.

Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison had promised this sort of thing in November, when he said that Oracle was working on making its cloud available with the "swipe of a credit card."

Image Credit: Katherine Welles / Shutterstock