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You already might have willingly given away your privacy

We all know that no one reads end user licence agreements, and that we all might as well be signing our souls to the Devil himself and we wouldn’t notice. We wouldn’t care, either.

Well, Kaspersky Lab says we should definitely care, as its latest quiz has shown that people could be signing away their privacy when installing new apps, simply because they can’t be bothered to read the end user licence agreement.

It polled 18,000 people into their habits when installing and managing their apps. The results are somewhat expected, but still alarming – people usually go through the installation process by tapping “yes”, “yes”, “agreed” without actually reading what they’re agreeing to.

“Some apps can affect user privacy, prompt the installation of other apps, or even change the OS settings of a device completely legally, because the user has ‘agreed’ to it during the installation process,” the Kaspersky Lab report says.

Another problem is limiting app permission when installing apps: 15 per cent don’t limit what their apps can do on their devices, and 17 per cent give permissions when prompted, only to forget to revert the changes later on. Eleven per cent believe they can’t change those permissions at all.

“When app permissions are left unchecked, it is possible – and legal – for apps to access the personal and private data on mobile devices, from contact information, to photos and location data,” the report says.

Kaspersky Lab says that in order to protect yourself, you should only download apps from trusted sources, choose your apps wisely, read the licence agreement *carefully*, and read the list of permissions an app is requesting.

Do not simply click ‘next’ during installation, without checking what you are agreeing to, and use a security solution to keep safe.