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UK businesses struggling to match workforce expectations

A new report released by Quocirca reveals that UK businesses are struggling to manage growing volumes of information and are failing to meet the demands and expectations of the modern workforce.

The report looks at information management in today’s office environment, and how the modern workforce - which is increasingly consisting of young millennials - is changing the ways of working. The report also reveals that the traditional approaches to information management are struggling to keep up.

According to Quocirca’s report - supported by Sharp Business Solutions - the rapid increase in Millennial workers, which is expected to comprise 75 per cent of all employees by 2025, has brought about new demands on IT. The report suggests that Millenial’s are comfortable and most productive when communicating and collaborating using technologies and techniques that they are used to. However many of these technologies such as IM chat, private cloud storage, are not common, or at least not integrated with other systems in the traditional office environment, where procedures are still heavily reliant on spreadsheets and paper. Similarly, the modern workforce has similar preferences for the way they manage their data which brings with it specific requirements for how they gain and share information seamlessly in the workplace.

However, the report notes that the adoption of an information management system (IMS) from a single strategic partner might be a possible solution. IMS co-ordinates the components of information capture, collaboration and output, allowing workers to access information and collaborate regardless of location or time.

Alex Cardnell, Director, Corporate Division, Sharp Business Systems UK, says: “The lines between the physical and digital office are becoming increasingly blurred. This is creating a workplace where employees can communicate and collaborate in new and unprecedented ways – however, if an organisation remains reliant on paper-based processes, they will struggle to move forward”.

Image source: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images