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Barclays Identity Service now part of GOV.UK Verify

The GOV.UK Verify, identity verification service, has become richer for a new option – the Barclays Identity Service, it was announced on Monday morning.

According to a Barclays’ press release, the new feature will be available to everyone using GOV.UK Verify, whether they’re a Barclays customer or not. They do, however, need to be UK residents.

The GOV.UK Verify is an online service that makes identity verification simple and pain-free. Through it, users can access services such as self-assessment tax return, rural payment claim or driver licence viewing.

Here’s how the new service works: users go through a registration process in which they will need to provide their UK passport, driving licence and a bank account which Barclays will check with third party sources.

After that, the user will be asked a couple of personal questions only they should know the answers to. That will complete the registration, and users will be able to log on to any government service that has the GOV.UK Verify logo.

The log in process requires a user name, password and mobile.

Peter Simon, Head of Information at Barclays said, “Modern life is busy so personal admin can often fall down the to-do list unless it can be undertaken easily, quickly and at a convenient time. The Barclays Identity Service will help those looking to access government services do just this, allowing people to register an account without completing long forms or lengthy paperwork or even leaving the house; and then log in through a quick and secure process.”