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Business transformation takes time, but your customers won't wait

Eduardo Silva, VP of Europe for Product and Marketing at Intense Technologies’ has warned that speed is the most important factor for telecom service providers in order to succeed in a rapidly changing business landscape.

According to Silva, companies need to realise their customer experience objectives in months, not years, and should focus on capturing market share without making a huge investment.

“The ability to make fast and informed decisions about your own business practices is critical in today’s consumer-focused environment," he said. “In order to deliver on customer demands, companies need to be able to not only access the big data around their experience, but act upon it. Taking action on the insights provided by Big Data can give your business a competitive advantage in an industry that is already swimming in data.

“Providing a customer experience that meets the ever-changing demands of the consumer is a complex challenge that requires a multi-channel approach. In the case of service providers, the inherent inflexibility in their business processes used to mean that delivering change was a multi-year task. Often such companies are dealing with legacy systems within their own infrastructure, or have diverse sections within the business that struggle to collaborate effectively. Traditional digital transformation can take time, and your customers might not wait for it to happen."

Data virtualisation techniques allow businesses to quickly work with what they know about customers and apply it to their customer business processes anywhere in their organisation.

Eduardo Silva’s interview with Total Telecom TV can be viewed here.

Image source: Shutterstock/Jirsak