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IT security experts are in demand

The tech talent shortage the UK is faced with nowadays is no small problem, as the demand for IT security experts reaches new heights.

According to a new research by recruitment finance provider Sonovate, IT security professionals are currently the most wanted workers in the UK’s growing jobs market.

The growth for such roles has reached 19 per cent – a new year-on-year high, and is expected to reach 30 per cent over the course of 2016. Besides the IT security roles, user experience (UX) roles are also in demand (17 per cent year-on-year growth), as well as Architecture (five per cent).

Looking at IT security alone, consultants, network security engineers and analysts are most wanted, with 52 per cent, 26 per cent, and 24 per cent respectively.

“IT security has always been important for companies looking to protect their business interests – something which has only been reinforced by the recent spate of high-profile data breaches and cyber-attacks. In addition, changing attitudes to work have resulted in a burgeoning contractor market,” said Richard Prime, co-CEO and co-founder of Sonovate.

Prime added: “There’s a real appetite for high-quality contractors at the moment. This research says one thing loud and clear: it’s a great time to be an IT security recruiter, especially one with an eye for opportunity.”

The lack of tech talent is a big issue in the UK nowadays, with Stack Overflow recently reporting how recruiters, with their lack of knowledge of the industry, are more of a nuisance than any help.

The full report by Sonovate can be found on this link.