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Facebook gives BlackBerry the boot

Facebook has withdrawn support for BlackBerry 10 and BB OS as of 31 March 2016. Blackberry has indicated through its own development portal's change log that the long awaited Facebook app updates - due to be released on 31 March - will actually be only a link to Facebook's web application.

Facebook's decision to withdraw support comes hot on the heels of WhatsApp's decision to also withdraw support for the beleaguered BlackBerry 10. The fact that Facebook has withdrawn support is a real blow to BlackBerry, as it was BlackBerry themselves that developed and supported the application. This means that in effect Facebook is simply denying BlackBerry access to its private API, which the Apple and Android app developers currently access to utilise Facebook functions and features that are not accessible via the web app.

What this means to BlackBerry users is that they will no longer be able to use the BlackBerry 10 Facebook contact synchronisation. BlackBerry 10 users will also lose Hub integration: Messages/Chat, posts, friend requests, games, invites and other notifications will no longer show as entries in BlackBerry Hub. BlackBerry 10 smartphones will no longer have the ability to share items like pictures and videos directly to Facebook using the Share icon.

The company expressed its disappointment at Facebook's decision saying; "We are extremely disappointed in their decision as we know so many users love these apps. We fought back to work with WhatsApp and Facebook to change their minds, but at this time, their decision stands.

"Despite this, we have worked hard to ensure our end users have the best experience in light of this decision and are continuing to search for alternate solutions."