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IBM announces new European Bluemix garage to help businesses with cloud

IBM today announced the opening of a new Bluemix Garage in Nice, France.

It is the first in Europe outside of the UK - intended to help enterprises of all sizes on the European continent to accelerate the design and development of cloud applications using IBM Cloud technologies.

The initiative is based upon making IBM's cloud tools available to European businesses that have design thinking methodology and agile development capabilities.

IBM's Bluemix Garages are designed to create a bridge by enabling cloud technology to be available to both the culture of startups, through to mid-sized and even enterprises by establishing physical collaboration through houses of expertise located in the heart of thriving entrepreneurial communities around the world.

Last year, IBM launched a similar project in Toronto that marks the third Bluemix Garage, building on successful implementations in San Francisco and London. Further expansion is planned globally, with the additions of Melbourne, Australia later this year.

“Bluemix Garages help enterprises harness the spirit and pace of startups while pouring back into the local community with mentorship and skills development on the latest cloud technologies,” said Steve Robinson, General Manager, Cloud Platform Services at IBM.

“Today’s rapid app development cycles require developers to use new tools and methodologies from across the ecosystem to quickly turn new ideas into enterprise-class cloud applications at consumer scale and innovate at the speed of cloud.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / nattul