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Adblock Plus is on its way to Microsoft Edge

After something of a delay, Microsoft finally released a version of its newest browser - Microsoft Edge - that supports extensions. We've already seen the first extensions appear in the Windows Store, but there are some big names that people are waiting for.

Included on this list is Adblock Plus, and its fans are clamoring for a version they can use in Edge. The good news is that one is in the works - the only thing standing in the way now is Microsoft.

Although no precise reason is given, Adblock Plus says that it is waiting for Microsoft's approval so the release can take place. This could mean that there is compatibility testing to undertake, or it could be that Microsoft is still trying to iron out the kinks; extension support is essentially in beta, after all.

Responding to a query on Twitter, Adblock Plus revealed that it will be making its way to Microsoft Edge soon:

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This was certainly not the only question about the release date of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge:

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There's no mention of a specific timescale, but it certainly sounds as though developers are keen to have the extension out there as soon as possible.