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APIs are giving UK businesses the upper hand

UK businesses use APIs (Application Programming Interface) more than businesses in other European countries, a new study by CA Technologies has shown.

The study, entitled APIs and the Digital Enterprise: From Operational Efficiency to Digital Disruption, also says that UK businesses are ahead with key capabilities needed to support comprehensive API success.

Almost two thirds (71 per cent) of UK companies are using APIs to build mobile applications, the study says. Looking at how companies benefit from the use of APIs, 81 per cent have said it allows them for a faster delivery of new apps, while 80 per cent said it improved customer experience.

For 74 per cent of European organisations, ‘Advanced API’ also means advanced security measures, helping against ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks.

Despite these encouraging numbers, just a third (33 per cent) of businesses have the right infrastructure to support APIs, and 31 per cent have the proper suppliers needed to provide both skills and advice.

“APIs are the essential ingredients of success in the application economy, providing the capabilities to bring systems together, secure these integrations, deliver better customer experiences faster and capitalise on new digital opportunities. However, simply having them is not enough. Like products, they have to be properly created, managed, monitored and secured. If they aren’t, problems can quickly occur, as we saw in recent connected car incidents or the Snapchat breach two years ago,” says Ian Clark, Sr Director, Solution Sales, CA Technologies.

APIs allow apps to access data and services across networks, including the internet.