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Businesses failing ‘selfie-generation’ due to lack of live video

Businesses are in danger of failing the ‘selfie-generation’ due to out-dated communications and a lack of live video.

That's according to BlueJeans Networks - a cloud based video communication services - which today released global research findings revealing that although 85 per cent of employees use video as part of their everyday lives, only 28 per cent say their employers are actively encouraging them to use video at work to communicate.

A large majority (72 per cent) feel that live video streams would be beneficial to the way they communicate and collaborate at work. A further 69 per cent believe that increased use of video conversations would help employee retention at all levels within the organisation.

BlueJean Network's research, with 4,000 employees across the U.S., UK, Germany and France, found that almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of participants felt that their employers could make better use of live video, pointing to culture, collaboration and training as examples. However, only one-in-seven (14 per cent) employers were considered good at providing communications tools at work.

"Consumer adoption of video is ubiquitous now and we've seen that employees are clamoring for the business world to follow suit. Yesterday may have been all about email, fax and the phone, but today it's all about that face to face connection you get through video," said Lori Wright, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans Network.

"The research shows the millennial workforce or 'selfie generation' have already integrated video into their daily lives and if businesses don't recognise it as a key channel of communication, it risks not only leaving potential business on the table, but also losing out on the top talent that will fuel the workplace of the future."

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