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Five cyber security 'near misses' you need to fix

On 23 March 1989, a 300-metre wide asteroid narrowly missed the earth. Travelling at a speed of more than 45,000mph, the asteroid came within 500,000 miles of collision – an astronomical whisker.

Had it hit, it would have resulted in the largest explosion in recorded history, equivalent to a 600 megaton atomic bomb. To commemorate “National Near Miss Day”, we have gathered insight from industry experts on five cyber security 'near misses’ that businesses need to address.

Ryan O’Leary, VP Threat Research Centre at WhiteHat Security:

“Just like the astronomers in 1989, who didn’t discover the asteroid until eight days after it passed the closest point to earth, most companies never even know about cyber security ‘near misses’. In our 2015 Web Application Security Statistics report, 24 per cent of the survey respondents had actually experienced a data or system breach. But how many more had a near miss?

Well, according to the same report, more than half of the surveyed companies in the Retail and Healthcare industries exhibit at least one major application security vulnerability every single day of the year. Unless we accelerate the remediation of application vulnerabilities, near misses will eventually turn into devastating hits.”